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D18 once more-Happy B-day Hibari!

This is because the lovely arisuesei  was kind enough to remind me that Hibari's birthday was Monday and thus, I had missed it by one day. So between the two of us it was decided that I should try again in proper celebration, and she presented me the prompt "Indirect Kiss" Which caused some confusion when I checked my email and saw that comment while hanging with some of my peeps.
"Well," said me. "That's interesting"
"I don't get it," said my friend Thara, reading over my shoulder. "What's an indirect kiss?"
"It'd be like...if I kissed the CD" (there was one of the desk near us) "and then you kissed the CD, we'd have shared an indirect kiss." Which is actually the only way of indirect kissing I'd ever heard of, but apparently not.
"That's not how it works," Ashley interrupted "It's be like if I kissed you, Thara, and you kissed Emo, and Emo kissed ---------- (my name), it'd be like ----------- and I had indirectly kissed."
"Wait, that just sounds like an orgy," said Emo.
And so on. We never did agree on what it was.

All About The Crumbling World
Dino lay on his back and admired the sky above, the deepest and purest
Caribbean blue he had ever seen in his life. It was soothing, the way the clouds sailed lazily across the expanse with no concern for where they were going; it was nice, really, that clouds led such easy lives of travel and freedom. He smiled, letting the sun kiss his face and the wind ruffle his hair.


Until a dark Hibird-shaped shadow loomed over him suddenly to block sun and sky and clouds and bring him back down to earth.


“Hell, little guy,” said Dino when Hibird had landed lightly on his stomach, reaching out to stroke the bird gently with his fingertips. It bit him.


“Di~no, Di~no,” it chirped, bouncing up and down on his bladder. “Di~no, Di~no,”


“Yes, yes, I’m getting up,” he mumbled, sitting up. Hibird fluttered away to perch on his knee and resumed its bouncing. “What do you want?”


It sang a few bars of the Namimori anthem.


“Kyouya,” mused Dino. “So what’s he want, then?”


Hibird fluttered up, circling above Dino’s head, going back and forth over the balcony railing.


“Di~no, Di~no,” it sang, flitting back to tug at the furry collar of his jacket. He groaned; summons from Kyouya did not sound pleasant right now.


“Let me get Romario and we can go,” said Dino, pushing to his feet awkwardly. Hibird twittered angrily and dive-bombed his head, attacking his hair with a vengeance.


“Stop that!” Dino flailed wildly until his hand made contact with Hibird’s feathery body and he seized it furiously, holding it captive. Hibird peeped up at him quietly; Dino hadn’t known birds were capable of innocent looks.


“Di~no, Di~no,” it said.


“Just me? Only me?” His heart raced wildly at the thought; he and Kyouya alone together…briefly he allowed himself to indulge in the sort of fantasy found only in 1970s porn before he remembered that there was no way Kyouya would ever stand for that, before Hibird squirmed in his hands and nipped his thumb impatiently to get him moving, trilling:


“Di~no, Di~no,”





Dino had never understood how someone with such pale and delicate good looks could have such a low and powerful voice, the kind that turned your blood to fire and ice. Or maybe that was only the effect Kyouya had on Dino; maybe it was just that Dino had some fascination with courting death at every possible moment of his life.


Kyouya stood in the bland surroundings of some hotel room in the slums of the fair city, where Hibird had led Dino. Despite the bruises that marred his pale perfection, the slashes through his clothes that revealed angry red lines on his arms and chest, Kyouya was still standing straight and proud, regarding Dino with his usual proud condescension.


“To what do I owe the pleasure of being dragged across the city?” asked Dino lightly, trying to keep from staring at the flashes of skin beneath Kyouya’s clothing.


Hibird flitted from Dino’s shoulder to land on Kyouya’s head, settling comfortably into his dark hair; Dino felt a small spasm of irrational jealousy.


“I wanted to tell you something,” said Kyouya calmly, as though he hadn’t summoned Dino from miles away, as though he weren’t standing there cut and torn and bleeding.


“Do tell.”


Kyouya sat down in a chair at the small desk; Dino saw him flinch slightly, give a soft exhalation of breath as he did—vague indications of pain.


“May I see?” Dino said carefully, gesturing to the wounds. Kyouya’s eyes narrowed in a glare for a moment, but he nodded, pulling aside the remnants of his shirt to show Dino his chest.


“Oh, Kyouya…” Dino gently touched one of the wounds, a knife cut that extended right over Kyouya’s heart. “Why weren’t you more careful?”


“I bit them to death,” Kyouya said, disregarding the question. “They were Millefiore.” He smirked. “Incompetent herbivores.”


“So you say,” Dino murmured, sliding his fingers lower to examine another wound. “Xanxus is dead, you know.”


Kyouya didn’t say anything; why would the news of Xanxus’ death mean anything to him? He had already proved to Kyouya that he was not worth the effort of fighting when he lost to Tsuna all those years ago.


“Did they say who was next?” Dino asked softly, pressing his hand flat to Kyouya’s heart to feel it beating; Kyouya was still watching him with that unreadable stare; his heartbeat was still steady and even, unlike Dino’s heart that threatened to burst out of his chest with each and every thrum. “Which of us are they coming after next?”


“You.” said Kyouya flatly.


Dino’s shoulders slumped, as though the entire world had just been placed upon them for him to carry.


“I thought it must be something like that,” Dino said heavily. “Otherwise why would you call me here?”


Kyouya said nothing, he always said nothing, and so Dino said nothing. And so the nothing that should be said was never said.


“So then,” Dino tried to smile, though it came out more like a grimace. “I guess this is goodbye.”


“Goodbye,” said Kyouya evenly, grey eyes unreadable. Gently, Dino pulled his hand away from Kyouya’s chest and turned away. What had he expected anyway? Confessions of love? Hot wild last-time-we-meet sex? Desperate passion and romance born of a crumbling world that threatened to drop beneath their feet at any given moment?


The sky outside was no longer blue; it was grey, grey as the coming storm, grey as Kyouya’s eyes. Dino raised his face and stared up into it, wondering briefly if there really was a Heaven up there after all. Until a bright yellow ball came hurtling down from the ether to land on his head, chirping gently.


“I guess its goodbye to you too, huh?” said Dino, reaching up to take Hibird gently in his hands. “Will you give something to Kyouya for me?”


Hibird bounced up and down on his palms, eager to do anything for its master. Smiling sadly, Dino bent and kissed to top of its feathery head gently.


“Give that to Kyouya,” he said softly. “With my love.”


Hibird took off into the grey sky, heading swiftly back to the hotel. Dino watched it go as his heart tore into pieces on the street corner. Then he stepped back into the streets to make his way back home, to prepare for whatever was coming for him as rain began to fall gently onto his head, running down his face like the tears he was too old to cry.



In the mirror Hibari was examining the stinging lines on his flesh that hurt worse after Dino had touched them when Hibird arrived again, slightly wet and shaking rain off its feathers irritably.


“Di~no,” it chirped, flitting to his bare shoulder. “Di~no,”


“What about him?” asked Hibari absentmindedly; he needed to treat these wounds before they became infected.


In response, Hibird flitted to his face, pressing itself gently against his mouth, its feathers still warm with Dino’s Apollonian heat. Hibari’s eyes widened in shock, clearly caught off guard by this sudden affection from his old teacher, even if the fool had chosen a bird as a messenger.


“Di~no,” it said before in flew away to sleep in the remnants of Hibari’s clothes.


Leaving Hibari to stand there with the feeling that he had just missed some vital chance, while his heart raced beneath his hand.

Notes: This actually was meant to be...happy...and then I got started and it ended up very bittersweet, no? And that title comes from...something...I can't remember where I heard it from before, though (it might be the title of a Bleach chapter, actually)

Also--WOW NARUTO SPOILERS! See, I knew my love for Itachi was justifiable somehow. But still no Suigetsu *is getting disappointed* He better not have died...

Tags: fanfiction, hitman reborn!, khr: dino, khr: hibari
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