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D18 once more-Happy B-day Hibari!

This is because the lovely arisuesei  was kind enough to remind me that Hibari's birthday was Monday and thus, I had missed it by one day. So between the two of us it was decided that I should try again in proper celebration, and she presented me the prompt "Indirect Kiss" Which caused some confusion when I checked my email and saw that comment while hanging with some of my peeps.
"Well," said me. "That's interesting"
"I don't get it," said my friend Thara, reading over my shoulder. "What's an indirect kiss?"
"It'd be like...if I kissed the CD" (there was one of the desk near us) "and then you kissed the CD, we'd have shared an indirect kiss." Which is actually the only way of indirect kissing I'd ever heard of, but apparently not.
"That's not how it works," Ashley interrupted "It's be like if I kissed you, Thara, and you kissed Emo, and Emo kissed ---------- (my name), it'd be like ----------- and I had indirectly kissed."
"Wait, that just sounds like an orgy," said Emo.
And so on. We never did agree on what it was.

Tags: fanfiction, hitman reborn!, khr: dino, khr: hibari
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