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AUGH! Why did I let myself be talked into this?!?!?!?!?! nymous_fic, this is all your fault! Truly do I blame you...

I wasn't going to write this because people have been giving me unneccessary crap about my writing at school so...massive self-confidence issues lately. Some kid in some of my classes who I really don't get along with and really hates me (so I shouldn't have really listened) happened to walk by my desk one day while I was writing and kind of muttered under his breath "Why bother? You don't actually think you're any good, do you?" and I was like O_o. I mean, I never thought I was brilliant, but I'm not terrible, am I? Also, my love cleartempesthas been brilliant lately and I really can't compare. But it got done anyway! In spite of the odds.

Something About Airplanes

Hibari did not like airplanes.


It was not that he didn’t like flying; on the contrary, he found it one of the most relaxing things in the world, the cold and empty silence of the sky. What he didn’t like was the people, that he had to share the airplane with a bunch of loud, obnoxious, screaming, laughing, crying talking snoring there were too many people and he was going to bite them to death.


“Excuse me, sir,” said a pretty young stewardess, drawn by the brooding handsomeness of the man in the window seat. “Would you like anything?”


He gave her a slanting grey glance from beneath his dark hair, and the stewardess felt her intestines freeze.


“Yes,” he said, smiling wickedly. “You can get those herbivores to shut up before I bite them to death.”


When Hibari Kyouya descended the plane two hours later in Italy, Hibird singing cheerfully from his shoulder, he left behind him an absolutely silent plane.



Dino could always tell Kyouya was coming by the sudden lack of people in the immediate vicinity. It never ceased to amaze him how easily Kyouya got his way, or that he had not been arrested in pursuit of said way years ago. But he supposed a tonfa to the head was a wonderful argument in Kyouya’s favor. Which was how he found himself making excuses to the man in charge of the airline, who had somehow found out that he was Mr. Hibari Kyouya’s escort and had come to make complaints about holding the entire plane hostage.


And there was the man himself, stalking gracefully through the glassy terminal with Hibird flitting around his head spouting what sounded like Shakespeare:

            Do mine eyes deceive? Methinks here I spy

            The fool, in all his dreary charm and wit,

            Fumbling grace, unhappy ass! To fall and lie

            With sprainéd dignity, surely most unfit…


Well, thinks Dino, a little hurt. That’s a new skill. He didn’t even hear the airline manager make a sudden excuse and hurry away, suddenly afraid for his life.


“I’m impressed, Kyouya,” he calls. “Is that iambic pentameter?”


Kyouya smirks. “It is. I taught him myself.”


“Pretty good, for a ball of fluff.”


Hibird lands on Kyouya’s head, puffing itself up angrily to blurt out a line of a popular American rap song telling Dino exactly what he could do with his mother.


“I’d like to see your piece of rock pet do better,” says Hibari coolly, his eyes narrowing. Hibird continues on to sing about capping some bitches when the shit went down, yo; ten feet away, a little boy began to cry hysterically in fear.


“Right, right,” says Dino hastily, trying to calm Kyouya down before he decided violence was the only answer to the insult. “You’re right, of course. How could I be so stupid?” He gestures frantically behind him. “Would you like to go now?”


Kyouya brushes past him, clearly indifferent to Dino’s role in the whole transaction. People dive hastily out of his way as Hibird flits in and out, shrilling singing The Ride of the Valkyries. Dino sighs, and follows quickly in his wake, a sudden headache beginning to pound at his temples like repeated head trauma from a tonfa.


He settles into the backseat of Dino’s convertible without a word, staring quietly out the window while Hibird perches on the back of Romario’s seat, singing the Namimori anthem in the man’s ear. Dino had to admit, Romario was exceptionally patient in all of their dealings with Kyouya, who was so often an absolute spoiled brat. Sometimes Dino had to wonder why exactly he was so willing to put up with Kyouya like he did.


“So, Kyouya,” says Dino, more to break the silence than anything else. “What do you think of Italy?”


“Herbivores tend to be even more clustery here,” Kyouya replies instantly, sounding completely bored. “It makes me want to bite them to death.”


THEN WHY DID YOU COME HERE?! Dino feels like screaming, but holds his tongue; slow and patient was the best way to go with Kyouya.


“Do you think you’ll stay long?”


Kyouya shrugs.


“Do you know what you’re looking for?”


“I imagine,” says Kyouya, with the air of someone explaining something very difficult to a small child. “That I will know that as soon as I find it.”


Dino is fairly sure everyone in the car could hear his teeth grinding, but he forces himself to say politely: “You’re welcome to stay with us as long as you’d like.”


“Don’t be an idiot,” says Kyouya calmly. “Who’d want to stay with you? I’m only going to be here as long as I have to.”


“Well,” Dino says after a long moment, trying to keep the hurt out of his voice; but his hands grip the wheel very tightly. “That makes things very easy for both of us.”



But as much as Kyouya aggravated him, as much as sometimes he would like nothing better than to let the boy sink or swim on his own, he finds himself watching Kyouya throughout these days in Italy as he strolls through the streets and over the grounds of Dino’s mansion or paces the halls in his robes at night, flashes of white legs through dark cloth, because Dino is after all only human and maybe even skylarks can fall in love.


He’s willing to try.



“Kyouya,” he says finally. “I have something to tell you.”


Kyouya, as usual, does not respond. Once Dino would have thought he was being ignored; he tended not to pay attention to what Dino had to say unless they were training, and even then he was apt to decide that the clouds were more important than Dino’s words. But Hibird shifts on his shoulder, cocking its head a little to listen in case he said anything of importance. Dino swallows his anger and pushes on:


“Look at me, Kyouya,” he coaxes gently. “Please.”


And Kyouya does look, turning his head ever so slightly to give him a slanting glance through his dark hair, flashes of rain-water grey and shadowy blue. Dino seizes his chance, grabs ahold of the harsh line of his jaw and covers Kyouya’s mouth with his own, gripping his shoulder painfully tight. Beneath him Kyouya stiffens, shocked; Hibird falls to the ground, chirping in outrage, and for a moment Dino thinks he might actually get away with this, Kyouya seems to be relaxing and his mouth is so soft and hot against Dino’s.


There is a sudden flash of pain—hello, face, meet Kyouya’s tonfa—and he hits the ground with a heavy thud, his face in the dirt and Kyouya is towering over him, his face suddenly inhuman in the light of his anger, his tonfa shaking in his hands.


“Kyouya,” Dino says pleadingly, but he turns away in disgust, the black of his coat fanning out behind him as he stalks purposefully away from Dino towards the gate and beyond that, the road and the city.


Rain begins to fall.



“Kyouya, Kyouya!”


Dino is running through the streets in the rain, searching for the boy he was supposed to be responsible for, love or no love. Because he is very much afraid of what Kyouya will do in his infinite fury, of what sort of destruction he is capable of wrecking on the town instead of on Dino.


But he’s forgotten; the roads are wet, and he is without subordinates and thus without coordination, plus carrying a concussion courtesy of Kyouya. Coming down the hill, barely one hundred yards from his house his feet slip out from beneath him and he rolls ungracefully the rest of the way down, colliding with every branch, stone, and bush on the way, only to stop via the braking system of a tree which somehow appeared in his path, driving all the air from his lungs. Dizzy and confused, he can only stare up into the rain and wonder how the hell things had ever got so crazy for him, chasing a skylark to end up lying in a ditch in sight of his own house. I thought love was supposed to be easier than this, he thinks dazedly, as he slips off into sweet unconsciousness. I’m getting tired of being wrong about things


He wakes up to a surprising warmth, and he’s not really sure where he is or how he got there, but it feels like his bed beneath him. And lo and behold, that’s exactly where he is when he opens his eyes to see the familiar contours of his furniture and his room. Except for the figure in the chair next to his bed, angry slash of a frown on its handsome face that looks like Kyouya…


Because it is Kyouya.


“Kyouya!” he cries, bolting upright and sending his head to aching once more. “Kyouya, I’m so sorry…”


“You should be,” says Kyouya quietly. “You almost died.” Not I-almost-killed-you, but You-almost- died.


“Look, Kyouya, just forget everything I ever said,” Dino mumbles, looking down at his bruised hands. “Just…just forget it, okay?”


“If you’d like,” Kyouya replies, standing up.


Dino expects to hear him cross the room, expects to hear the slamming of the door behind him as Kyouya leaves his house, leaves Italy, leaves Dino behind.


So it comes as a shock to find Kyouya climbing on the bed next to him, shoving him back down against the pillows with a long pale hand.


“Kyouya?” he says questioningly, but then Kyouya is kissing him forcefully and words completely abandon his mind.


“Damn herbivore,” Kyouya hisses. “I’m going to bite you to death for this, you know that.”


Dino smiles against his mouth.


“If you’d like,” he says, and pulls Kyouya down into his embrace.



The next morning, Dino’s men pretend they don’t see the teeth marks and bruises that have somehow bloomed on the boss’s neck since Hibari brought him back to the house after his fall.

Notes: I wrote the iambic pentameter myself. In Spanish class a few days ago. My teacher kept giving me weird looks because I was busy counting on my fingers trying to make sure I got the syllables right. In case you're wondering, the mark on the "e" in sprained is so that it is pronounced "sprain-ed", so two syllables. Also--rhyme. AUGH. TOO MUCH EFFORT WILL NOT DO AGAIN

Edit: Just to let everyone know, I don't know how prolific I will be coming up because I really have to finish original stuff/IB and AP testing/finish up all my IAs for this year. Also I have really been wanting to write some Death Note fanfics, so maybe I will do that for awhile (although the story seems so amazingly cool and perfect to me that I don't know where I would begin. But I would like to try) I know this makes, like, the fifth time I've said this and I haven't actually gone about instituting this break-like thing, but I really mean it this time. Seriously, you guys.

Watch me keep that resolution for about a week before I come back with more KHR fanfics...

Tags: fanfiction, hitman reborn!, khr: dino, khr: hibari
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